Ideh varzan farda (IVF Co)

Establishment in 2014. IVF Co is one of the leading companies, in research, development and manufacture of sperm analysis reagents and disposable Products for human reproduction .We are trying to produce with same quality as famous brands, but in lower prices. We are deeply proud to be considered a dynamic and innovative company that puts couples at the forefront of our project while we provide solutions in the field of assisted reproduction to make the decision-making process more accurate for medical professionals.

We produce products such as Vitality Assay Kit for evaluating the quality of sperm membrane and differentiation between live spermatozoa and Cryotube, a special vitrification container consisting of a thin film strip.

Vision Statement

  • Research, innovation,  increase quality and entrepreneurship are the pillars for the improvement of Ideh Varzan Farda Company ( IVFCo).


Mission Statement​

  • To promote research and clinical development in the field of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and produce the high qualify ,Innovative and cost effective product.
  • To promote practice and standards of manufacture for products.
  • To foster relationship between the various IVF and ART centres in the world and patients.

Company Values ​

  • Be Dependable
  • Be Ethical
  • Be Evolving
  • be specialist in reproductive techniques

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