Ideh Varzan Farda (IVFCo.) is one of the leading companies in research, development and manufacture of Diagnostic Sperm Function kits and disposable laboratory tools used in assisted reproductive technology. We are Producing all Laboratory tools used in assisted reproductive technology.

We focused on the study of fertility, sharing the objective of professionals and patients: to achieve a successful pregnancy. We facilitate the analysis of DNA quality in sperm cells, with the aim of providing essential information that will help make appropriate clinical decisions.

Unique & innovative approach

We are the only ones to offer a complete solution for the study of the patient.

of cost content.

Our philosophy is to offer this technology at a reasonable cost for our clients.

Reliable &
reproducible results

The results of our diagnostic kits can be applied by any member of the laboratory team.

Simple application test

In less than an hour, and following a simple protocol, you will obtain an accurate result from the sample processed.